Riskallah Riyad
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Belly Dance Teacher Training

The Teacher Training course, "Footprints - A Journey Towards Teaching Excellence," is taught by master teacher, Dolores Matzen, Riskallah Riyad in Danbury CT and will soon be available nationally.

Riskallah Riyad shares 45 years of teaching expertise!
In addition to teaching Middle Eastern Dance, Riskallah Riyad has taught 6th, 7th and 8th grade in CT. public schools for 11 years. She was a consultant to teachers in CT public and private schools, NYC, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Long Island public schools. She holds BS and MS teaching degrees.
Dance training, performing and teaching have been extensive. Please refer to the bio page for additional dance details.

These are some of the comments from previous workshop participants...

"You managed to deliver process, content, philosophy, pedagogy and the soul and artistry of dance in the course. I was truly amazed and inspired. I also appreciate how empowering you were to us as individuals and how you were able to make such graceful corrections without criticism. The dinner (Saturday night) was a special treat, and fortified the sense of community you had already developed in the course." (Sharon Stahl, VT)

"And I want to thank you, thank you thank you. The Teacher Intensive has turned my method of teaching inside out, and after all these years I’m looking at my classroom experience with a new, fresh set of eyes. What a gift...I feel the same excitement and curiosity I did as a new teacher! I’ve attended master classes since I was a young student, but this seminar was truly unique and enlightening. I had expected you to be well prepared, because you always are.  What surprised and blew me away was the open and heartfelt exchanges and sharing amongst the rest of us. Wow! So much great information and food for thought that I haven’t digested it all yet." (Kanina, RI)

"Life has many gifts and YOU are one of them!!!" (Elizabeth Nett, MA)

"Taking the workshop made me feel more confident and I can't wait for the next one."
(Marilia Chagan)

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A time to talk  * listen * share * laugh * explore * discover * have fun * learn * grow as a teacher * and of course DANCE.

Course Contents

You will learn useful "how to" techniques:

     breaking movements down
     managing the business end of teaching
     motivating, retaining students
     planning, sequencing, structuring of classes
     choosing music
     individualizing instruction in a mixed level class
     determining needs * giving correction...& more

You will receive:

     a dictionary of dance terms
     a dance teaching syllabus * sample lesson plans
     written choreographies
     a certificate of completion of 17 hours of teacher-training
     inspiration for success

You will:

     build your dance vocabulary * develop material
     find your own magic
     uncover your uniqueness
     become a better and more confident teacher