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Riskallah Riyad
CT Dance Oasis
Center for Middle Eastern Dance

Dancing to live music is a somewhat different skill than dancing to recorded music. The modern day dance climate does not allow for many opportunities to perform with musicians.

 Riskalah Riyad has performed in stage, nightclub and party venues and has worked with some of the finest musicians of Middle Eastern Music including Mitchell Kaltsunas, Walid & Fowzi Assaf of the Phoenicians, Joey Zeytoonian, the late Hannah Mirhige, the late Eddie Kochak, The Sultans and Scott Wilson.

Riskallah Riyad


  • Improvisation techniques
  • Preparing for the show
  • Developing a relationship with the musicians
  • The ongoing relationship with the musicians
  • The ongoing relationship with the musicians
  • Dancing with the musicians


Amos Libby on oud and Eric LaParna on dumbek comprise the ensemble Okbari specializing in ottoman classical and Turkish contemporary music along with Armenian and Anatolian folk traditions. The pair has played for dancers throughout the U.S. and has performed on concert stages on Istanbul, Turkey.

Snippets of the Hafla After The Workshop