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Riskallah Riyad
CT Dance Oasis
Center for Middle Eastern Dance


Marta Zorina

"In the performances of Riskallah Riyad, both solo and with her group, one sees clear and clean the real beauty of the Middle Eastern dance. Her artistic quality is evident in her dance, costumes and choice of music, and she draws from her dance group the rare and original flavor of the Middle Eastern dance, which is her heritage. I have great respect and admiration for her work".

 – The late Marta Zorina, NYC


Ibrahim Farrah

"Riskallah (Riyad) is a very gifted and talented …artist. She’s worked very hard, not only as a dancer, but as a spokeswoman for the dance. She’s a very special person, a beautiful talent".

– The late great – Ibrahim Farrah, NYC


Walid Assaf

"Dolores Riskallah is a master of the dance. She is a passionate, versatile dancer and teacher. Her knowledge goes beyond just the visual. She understands the soul of the dance and the music. Always inspirational whether as teacher, performer or group director".

– Walid Assaf, Dir CEDAR Productions 


Morwenna Assaf

 "Riskallah Riyad is a dancer of great vitality whose highly developed aesthetic sense blends uniquely with her earthy femininity. Well known for her energetic sensuality and the intelligence she brings to the dance, Riskallah Riyad draws from many sources to offer a complete experience to professional dancers, teachers, and students alike". 

– Morwenna Assaf, Oceanside, CA



"Riskallah Riyad is a performer and instructor of unparalleled originality.
Her love of dance and unlimited vitality show in both the classroom (where she excels at inspiring students to achieve new heights) and in each and every performance. Her artistry with the veil is breathtaking. The veil dances as an extension of her spirit, and wraps her in a magical aura that is mesmerizing to behold".

– Chelydra, Newport News, VA

"Dolores Riskallah is the consummate dance teacher.  Her attention to the soul of the dancer is matched by her concern for the dancer's body.  She is able to guide each dancer to reach ever greater performance plateaus with great respect for each dancer's individual capabilities.  Because Dolores honors both soul and body, her students learn to express themselves in dance emotionally as well as physically, with freedom and with great joy".  
– Cortney Davis, author of "I Knew a Woman" and "The Heart's Truth"

"Riskallah is a master teacher of high caliber who cares passionately about preserving the integrity of this dance form. Highly trained and always looking to life to inform her dance, she is a teacher that all students, beginner to seasoned professional, can benefit from studying with." 

– Phaedra of Boston, excerpted from Middle Eastern Dance in New England

"... it's going on TEN years that I've been dancing with you!  Wow, I never
imagined I would have the good fortune to find a teacher as inspired, vital,
and talented as you are!  Year after year, I just keep learning.  When we
all get better, you make it harder and more challenging.  You are a jewel.

Thank you for your encouragement and for showing me the beauty of movement
and the connection between one's heart, body, and music"!
– Alaia Lin

"You are such a thoughtful and generous person.  It is not too often in our lives that we cross paths with a genuinely kind hearted person, especially one as talented as you!  I am honored to have you as a teacher".
– Donna Heuer